Cigar Lounge Membership Agreement

Business affiliation allows up to 4 employees of the company to share the same locker and have the same membership privileges as full members. With our attractive operating hours, comfortable yet unique environments, this membership plan certainly offers you an exceptional privilege that sets your business apart! Membership in the President`s Boardroom is currently on a waiting list, with membership opportunities opening throughout the year. Membership is granted in order of the waiting list, so we recommend that you submit a waiting list application below to reserve your position. Your annual subscription includes you and entitles you to: Personal Key Card allows unlimited access to our luxury cigar lounge 24/7. COST: $600 due at the time of authorization. No monthly payments on business affiliations. 10% off individual cigar purchases and 15% off canned purchases. Cigar Mojo membership offers more than the possibility of reduced cigar prices, access to our luxurious 24-hour cigar lounge and a custom moistened cigar compartment. Membership in the Philadelphia Cigar Oasis in Philadelphia is a unique opportunity to develop camaraderie within a special group of like-minded cigar lovers who do not accept the average. Being part of something is good to belong to something, it`s something special! Become a member of the best cigar parlor in the Midwest. Take advantage of our space for events, meetings, reflections or just to enjoy your favorite cigar from your friends at Capital Cigar. There are two-step memberships; Personal memberships are $750 per quarter and $1000 per quarter.

All affiliation purchases are subject to vat in force. Fill out the form to apply for membership. The President`s Boardroom is a private cigar lounge reserved for members and access to the lounge is reserved only for members in good condition and their guests. At this stage, two membership options are available, both with access to the lounge and golf facilities. The members of the company are on behalf of vanguards Imports LLC, VCC`s parent company. This membership was developed for businesses and businesses to offer a unique “benefit” to the company`s employees and customers. As a Vanguard corporate member, you and your organization have a meeting point away from the office, a unique setting to entertain customers, a way to show employee esteem, and all this is a standard business effort. -$50 in full cash – Unlimited access to VCC – A private moisture-controlled cigar cabinet – Discount only for members on the cigar of the month – Privilege to bring wines or spirits in VCC – Preferential access to club events – 15% off full cigar boxes – 10% off each single stick – 10 % discount on deliveries/equipment – Privi, Four guests with no guest fees to bring to the VCC – Privilege of pre-booked seats – Company member receives four slot machines in the wine cooler – free broadband Wi-Fi – Access to the liquor storage cabinet – full-time standard coffee requires a one-time payment of $1,000.

. Payment rate Payment Frequency of PaymentsSany – $40/monthRies – $478/year – $750/quarter Annual – $3000/anCoché (3 members) – $1,000/quarter (3 members) – $4000/year – $4000/year. I accept the terms and conditions that I accept Yes $800 in the credit the business gift card is issued at the time of registration (not redeemable for cash). Unlimited access to VCC – free broadband Wi-Fi – Privilege to bring a customer to the VCC (paying) – Access to the liquor cabinet – Privilege to bring wine or spirits in VCC – Free coffee/ice cream – .