Bectu Feature Film Agreement

This agreement has been welcomed throughout the sector and is the result of a fruitful partnership between trade union representatives, producers and employers` organisations. To ensure that it is maintained, regular audits have been written in the document. Bectu is convinced that this will serve as the basis for continuous improvement of collective agreements, which will lead to long-term solutions for the liberal professions and producers. The fact is that it is a negotiation, that it is a negotiation. That means that we have gained ground in some respects, but we have had to compromise on other points, but we think they are worth it. This agreement will provide all services on terms and conditions parity and will also benefit dailies that in the past did not have the same benefits as contracted crew members. Figures compiled by the BeCTU office for costumes and locker rooms highlight the tangible benefits of this preparation and wrap adjustment: a member of this department, who works a 10-hour day with one hour of preparation and one hour of wrap, will increase from $270 per day to $319 after the implementation of the agreement. The negotiations were extensive and extended over a five-year period. Workers at all levels who work in departments such as camera, lighting, costume, hair and makeup, locations, art department, accessories and more, will benefit from a substantial collective agreement that will take a big step forward for the industry.

Although there is no agreement to cover this production area, Camera Branch strives to ensure that the crew is aware of their rights and is not abused. An action plan for this sector is in development, you can contribute to the consultation by downloading the document here. In the meantime, there is a useful resource here [archived link here] for information about your rights in the workplace and a practical fact card the size of a phone. This is a set of guidelines that apply to all feature films with a budget of more than $30 million. It was adopted by a massive majority of 87.61%, and it took more than five years of negotiations to achieve it. It is a firm working agreement to which all productions must comply and which must be referred to so that producers no longer have cherry pickers! Preparation and Wrap: In the past, most costume departments were expected to have a more “reasonable preparation and wrap” normal day. Under the new agreement, the preparation and packaging have not completely disappeared, but it was recognized first and, secondly, fixed at half an hour at the beginning and half an hour at the end of each day. This should not change from production to production, superiors will not have to negotiate how long their department provides for free. This is an important step to get rid of it completely in the future. “This is a historic vote and the first-ever UK national agreement on the crew of Major Motion Pictures. The agreement outlines workers` rights and protection and is part of a growing industry that continues to attract record investment.

This increase in production is fueled by Hollywood studios that choose to use the services of our members.