Adding A Guarantor To A Tenancy Agreement Ontario

Hello: The answers are probably what you fear. If there is a lease agreement, the responsibility is most likely to be in solidarity. Each tenant is responsible for all the liability arising from the tenancy agreement. This includes rent, damage to the unit and all obligations arising from the lease. If you sign as a guarantor, you would guarantee your son`s obligations for the duration of the warranty (which is now sometimes designed to extend beyond the first term of the lease and in the month-to-month period). Can you limit the scope of a warranty? Yes, it is a question of trial. However, in cases where donors rent to young people, the whole meaning of the guarantee is to obtain protection for a collective or individual offence. The likelihood of an owner making your warranty less than your son`s commitment is unlikely. Yes, your engagement may continue after the son evacuates the compound. It`s one of those things that the harder you look at it, the creepier it gets. Look at the roommates and look at the parents of the roommates.

Are they honest and respectable people? If so, and there is a problem, can you count on yourself to take responsibility? More importantly, if there is a problem, can you sue them and reasonably expect them to have assets to respond to a judgment? If so, it may be the security you need to sign. If not, you should think about it. Michael K. E. Hello, Michael!! I have a situation that involves a guarantor of an apartment I want to move into, and I could really use their help! My friend moved in with him eight months ago. His income is good enough to afford the place on his own account, but his credit was not such that they asked his grandfather to register as a guarantor. We have been together for a few years and they want me to join the unit. I have provided them with a signed version of his rental agreement and my income information, but they are asking us to have his grandfather write a letter of authorization so that I can live in the unit.

His grandfather knows that we are dated, and allows me to enter because he wants his own name from the lease (as I understand it, he will no longer continue as guarantor as soon as the one-year lease is concluded anyway). His grandfather is currently generally unavailable, so we cannot receive the letter immediately from him. What I ask, is the owner has the right to tell me that I do not move in his unit if I do not have the letter immediately? Or not at all? From what I understand from your other blog posts, landlords do not have the right to restrict or ban life in the unit with the listed tenant. Since his grandfather is not a tenant, I guess we have the same protection. We are thinking of sinking into the abyss, but I am afraid they have a reason to drive me out. What I found little, said that they can not drive me away if I do not move in, unless his rent is no longer paid or they have been able to prove that I am interfering in the reasonable enjoyment of other tenants in the building. But since I`ve been living part-time for eight months, and I`m not yet, it`s not likely at all. And when his one-year lease is over, his grandfather is no longer a guarantor. Please let me know if what I think is right, and whether you can really or not drive me out, if they find out, etc. Thank you!! If so, an owner can apply for a co-signer or a surety. A guarantor or co-signer is someone who agrees to pay your rent if you are unable to pay.

As a general rule, only close friends or loved ones agree to act as a guarantor for you. Hello, I really appreciate your blog and I hope you can show me in the right direction. What is the scope of a surety if the lease does not specify the details of liability (for example. B the damage, the rent) and if the agreement indicates a phantom security that has never been established? Hello: I must say it`s a strange one.