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Since 1983, Fenocol Ltda. has been producing floral foam products with the aid of cutting edge technology and innovation. We have always thrown light on brilliance and quality, pushing the boundaries of creativity. With our office in Yumbo, Valle in Colombia, FENOCOL supplies high end floral foam products. These floral accessories are used by myriad florist shops across the planet. Some of our products are:

Product Type

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Hyperfoam Economy


HYPERFOAM is suitable for all types of flowers with similar water retention capacity. It works for a smaller format especially with roses, carnations, arum lilies, etc.

HYPERFOAM with a diameter of 7.5cm comes in a box with 48 blocks/ 7.0 cm comes in a box with 48 blocks.

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Floral Foam Shapes - Horseshoe


This horseshoe shaped floral foam is perfect to offer your condolences on a funeral. These foams are easy to use and save time.

4.0cm horseshoe shaped foam comes in a 10 unit package.

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Floral Foam Shapes - Guitar


This floral foam is perfect for any harmonious occasion. These foams allow easy insertion of stems and firm support to the flowers.

4.0 cm guitar shaped foam comes in a 10 unit package.

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Floral Foam Shapes - Hearts(Extra Large)


This floral foam is designed for auspicious wedding days or ring ceremonies. These floral foams have outstanding water retention and allow a hassle free flower arrangement.

4.0 cm heart shaped floral foam comes in a 6 unit package.

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Floral Foam Shapes - Clover


These floral foams are pre-designed to allow rapid flower arrangement for any occasion. They provide firm foliage to the flowers, keeping them intact and fresh.

Clover shaped floral foam of a diameter 4.0 cm comes in a package of 6 units.

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Floral Foam Shapes - Wreaths(Extra Large)


These wreath shaped floral foams are cut and outlined for beautiful flower arrangement on a Christmas eve or paying tribute to someone.

4.0 cm wreath like shaped floral foam comes in a package of 6 units.

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Fenocol Plastic Bases for Floral Foams (11/2" block of Floral Foam)


These plastic bases for floral foams are easy to handle and use. They do not break or bend and are durable. They are ideal for a funeral and come in exact sizes.

A plastic base of diameter, 2.0 cm comes in a 12 unit package.

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Acquapiks and Card Holders

Large Acquapiks: 10401
Small Acquapiks: 10400
Card holders: 10088

Aquapik is a mechanism to retain the hydration level of flowers and card holders adding charm to any event or party. They are available at Fenocol in various shapes and sizes.

Large and small aquapiks with a diameter of 9.5cm and 8.0cm comes in a package of 100 units. Card holders with a diameter of 23.5cm, come in a 100 unit package.

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Floral foam products are used extensively for flower arrangement and cultivation. FENOCOL produces HYPERFOAM® and HYPERFOAM® PLUS floral and hydroponic foams, products that boast of international quality standards. They add a hint of glamour to any event. These floral foam products accentuate any occasion. Over years, FENOCOL has maintained its trustworthiness and integrity through its services. Following ethical principles, we strive to be the best in the market. For any queries, contact us at 57 (2) 665 1995 at Cali.

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