Arreglos Florales

Fenocol Ltda. has been supplying arreglos florales for over 23 years. Florists over 18 nations have been trading with our unique range of floral accessories. We have always maintained our principles of innovation, ingenuity and efficiency. Our diverse storehouse has various interesting accessories for arreglos florales that you can count upon.

To begin with, FENOCOL produces finest quality floral foams and agricultural foams. Arreglos florales is combination of various elements to produce a visual effect. This can be done with various floral foams produced by FENOCOL. We have an exclusive range of vases, foams of different shapes, bridal accessories, funeral sheets, designer blocks, adhesives, card holders, stem holders and much more to explore.

  • Topping the list amongst arreglos florales are floral foams. Hyperfoam® and Hyperfoam® plus are foams of international standard and quality. They have immense water retention capacity and are suitable for all types of floral arrangement.

  • The famous Colombian Premium foam comes with rich color, fragrance and most importantly bactericides. This foam is highly water resistant and is powerful. It is ideal for thick, tall and heavy stalks.

  • Foams like FENOCOL® and Ultrfoam® are specially designed for all types of flower arrangement. It works wonders with roses, carnations, arum lilies, etc.

Fenocol's catalogue of products for arreglos florales gets updated regularly. Arreglos florales can be a minimal arrangement, such as the lazy "S" or "Hogarth's Curve", and free-standing arrangements. Hogarth's curve is named for English painter William Hogarth who introduced designs shaped like the curves of the letter "s" into floral design. These accessories from FENOCOL are so designed that it makes your work hassle free. You can shop on our designer blocks created with special cuts so that professional florists can avoid the use of nets, ribbons or adhesive materials to join traditional blocks of floral foams together. These blocks come in various shapes and are customized according to your requirements. They have an excellent time and rate of water absorption of 100%. There are many floral foam shapes like floral rings to decorate vases and bases. These vases decorate the external parts and come in varying shapes. Floral spheres are used for typical half-moon decorations and can be visible from any angle. You will find floral foam shapes for all occasions. Like Fenocol's collection of arreglos florales has funeral sheets, horseshoe shaped floral foams to pay tribute to the deceased and offer condolences.

To meet urgent orders, you can buy our exclusively designed and ready-to-use bases like plastic bases, table centers and many more. To fulfill your wedding day requirements, FENOCOL's accessories for arreglos florales have special bride's collection like bouquet and stem holders. This would surely make your wedding day a memory! Many tools make flower arrangement easier. Dried foam holds silk or artificial flowers in place. A "frog" is a metal device often used when dried foam will not work. Other floral accessories are hot melt glue, waterproof tapes, colorful ribbons and card holders. We have special aquapiks to retain the hydration level of flowers and prevent them from withering away. Post-cosecha is another important arreglos florale for handling and conserving cut flowers, which make it possible to extend the cut flowers' lifespan, natural color and fragrance for much longer periods, thus avoiding losses and higher costs in your business.

Our collection of arreglos florales has been prepared keeping in mind the recent trends and technological improvements. So before placing your order, you will never have to bat an eyelid. Just get in touch with us at 57 (2) 665 1995 at Cali.

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